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There are three basic links in the information transfer program. The first link is that the conveer (Sales Manager), in order to convey information to the recipient (consumer), must "translate" the information into the language or image that the receptive can understand. The second step is to accept people (consumers) to translate information into explanations that they can understand. The third link is to accept the response of people (consumers) to information, and then send it to the agent (Sales Manager), known as feedback.

(1) the conveer, in the process of commodity information transmission, the representative of the conveer is the sales manager, and he chooses the information machine to convey the channel to influence and persuade the consumer. Whether information effects are good or not is generally determined by three factors, specialization, credibility and visibility. Specialization refers to the specialized knowledge of information, such as the transmission of medical information through prestigious doctors. Credibility refers to the fact that reports are authentic and make people feel reliable, such as writing news or special reports of goods by the third party. Visibility means that information should be attractive and easy to understand, and it will not cause consumers' misunderstandings. These are all the technical problems of promotion. Sales managers should pay great attention to finding better information and delivery methods.

(two) "translation": to convey the message to the expected object, it is necessary to consider how to use the way to attract the recipient and to make the recipient get the right understanding, which is "translation". For example, the use of personnel sales, communication information is mainly expressed in language, salesman can also be adaptable to make their language, tone and attitude more consistent with customer requirements; at the same time, personnel sales can also use sample demonstration, so that the information can be "translated" more accurately. If the sales promotion tool is used for advertising or publicity, it will be even more difficult to translate. For the first time, it is necessary to consider the choice of communication methods to "translate" information more fully, for example, to choose TV or to use newspapers, and secondly, to study the techniques of "translation", such as what kind of manuscripts and pictures are used in advertising, or the content of "translation" may not be in accordance with the information that was intended to be conveyed. It is not vivid and not attractive. In the promotion of export trade, the methods and techniques of "translating" are more complex because of the different cultures, languages and lifestyles of the buyers and sellers, which is not only a problem of text translation.

(three) means of transmission, which is a means of transmitting information. The way people use sales promotion can not only use the salesman or the company representative and the customer directly, but also the consultants and experts to influence the customers with their own expertise, or the buyers' friends, neighbors, colleagues and family members affect the buyer in the daily communication. This kind of way is oral. The use of non personnel promotion can be done through newspapers, television, radio, poster, letters and other media. If you use a variety of ways at the same time, you will become a media combination. Generally speaking, personnel marketing is highly targeted, but the impact is narrower. The non staff promotion is weak but has a wide impact. Therefore, the two must be applied simultaneously, so as to complement each other and play a greater role.

(four) "translating into": when an enterprise passes information to consumers, consumers have an understanding problem, which is "translating into". Whether the promotion means is effective or not depends on whether the translation is consistent with the translation. If the consumer hears or sees the publicity of a commodity, his understanding is basically consistent with the intention of the enterprise to publicize, and then this information transfer is successful.

(five) feedback, the enterprise after the product information is passed out, can not be complete, but also through market research, to understand the impact of information on consumers, to understand the changes in the attitude and behavior of the potential consumers on this product, this is the feedback. Enterprises should decide whether the future sales strategy should be adjusted according to information feedback. This is a complete information communication mode, which emphasizes the main factors of effective communication. The transmissions must be clear to what recipients and what kind of reactions they want to get. They must be familiar with how to translate and consider how the recipient usually interpret. The source of information must be transmitted through effective media that can reach the recipient. To communicate people's response to information, the feedback channel must also be widely distributed.

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