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Computer (Computer) is a device that uses the principles of electronics to process data according to a series of instructions. Computers can be divided into two parts: software system and hardware system. The first computer was the ENIAC general electronic computer, which was born in University of Pennsylvania in February 15, 1946.

People call a computer without installing any software a bare machine. With the development of science and technology, some new computers are emerging: biological computer, photon computer, quantum computer and so on. In May 24, 1954, the transistor computer was born.

The software system includes operating system, application software and so on. Application software in the computer industry management software, IT computer industry development necessary weapon, computer industry ERP software.

hardware system

The hardware system includes the chassis (power, hard disk, disk, memory, main board, CPU - CPU, CPU fan, drive, sound card, network card, video card), display, UPS (uninterrupted power supply system), keyboard, mouse and so on (also equipped with headphones, microphones, sound boxes, printers, cameras, and so on). The general motherboards of home computers have onboard sound cards and network cards. Part of the main board is equipped with an integrated graphics card.

CPU's English full name is "Central Processor Unit", translated into Chinese is the "central processing unit", which is made of a gold-plated material. Its function in PC can be said to be equivalent to the role of the brain in the human body. All computer programs are run by it. (be careful not to touch the metal bar on the CPU, otherwise it will lead to bad contact and not open the machine).

The main board is also called Mother Board (motherboard). It is actually a circuit board, all of which are all kinds of circuits. It can be said to be the neural system of the PC machine, CPU, memory, display card, sound card and so on are installed directly on the main board, and the hard disk, floppy drive and other parts need to be connected through the wiring and the main board.

The computer components commonly placed in the chassis are commonly referred to as "mainframe". It is the most important part of the computer, and the main components, such as motherboard, CPU and hard disk, are in the host computer.

Memory is compared with external memory such as disk. Memory refers to the internal memory that CPU can read directly, mainly in the form of chips. Memory is also called "main memory", or "main memory". The memory chip commonly seen is striped, also known as "memory bar", which needs to be inserted into the memory slot on the motherboard to work. Another kind of memory is called "cache". The English name is "Cache", which is usually built into CPU or motherboard. Generally speaking, how many megabytes of memory of a machine, mainly refers to the capacity of memory bar. You can see the capacity of the memory in the screen when the computer is just starting. You can also use commands in the DOS system to see the memory capacity, and you can also see the system resources in the Windows system to see the memory capacity.

The display card is an important element connecting the monitor and the PC motherboard. It is inserted in the expansion slot on the main board. It is mainly responsible for converting the display signals sent by the host computer to the general electrical signals, so that the monitor can understand what the PC machine is doing. There is also memory on the display card, called "display memory", which will directly affect the display effect of the display, such as clarity and color richness.

The monitor is one of the output devices of the computer. The early monitor shape is similar to the TV set, which is the picture tube, that is, the CRT display. Most of the current displays are LCD or LED.

Disks and disk drive disks are one of the external memories of PC, which are divided into two parts: hard disk and floppy disk. What the two have in common is that they use magnetic media to store data, so they are called "disks". To enable PC to use disks, disk must be placed in a special device, that is, a disk drive.

Hard disk and hard disk drive hard disk in English is Hard Disk, literally translated into Chinese is "hard plate". Since hard drives are built into hard drives, they usually mix hard drives with hard drives. The hard disk is usually 3.5 inches in appearance. The capacity of hard disk is usually calculated by M (G) and G (1024 megabit). The hard disk capacity usually seen from dozens of megabytes (tens of M) to several thousand megabytes (a few G). Generally speaking, the C and D disk are not exactly the same thing as the real hard disk. A real hard disk term is called a "physical hard disk", which can be divided into a physical hard disk in the DOS operating system, divided into a number of "fake hard disks" such as a C disk, a D disk, a E disk, and the term "logical hard disk".

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