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The earliest camera structure is very simple, including camera obscura, lens and photosensitive material. Modern cameras are complex, with lenses, rings, shutters, range finder, view, light measurement, transmission, counting, self timer, focus, zoom, and so on. Modern cameras are a complex product that combines optics, precision machinery, electronic technology and chemistry.

In 1550, Cardano of Italy put the double convex lens in the original.

On the pinhole position, the effect of the image is clearer and clearer than that of the camera obscura.

In 1558, Barbaro, in Italy, added a aperture to Cardano's device to improve the clarity of the imaging; in 1665, the German monk John made a small, portable, single lens reflector box because there was no photosensitive material that could only be used for painting.

In 1822, Neps made the first photo on the photosensitive material in France, but the imaging was not very clear, and it needed eight hours of exposure. In 1826, he photographed a camera on the tin base plate coated with photosensitive pitch.

In 1839, Daguerre, France, made the first practical silver camera. It was made up of two wooden cases. A wooden case was inserted into another wooden box to focus. The lens cover was used as the shutter to control the exposure time for up to thirty minutes. A clear picture could be taken.

In 1841, the optical scientist wargrande invented the first all metal fuselage camera. The camera installed the first photographic lens designed by mathematical calculation in the world with a maximum aperture of 1:3.4.

In 1845, the German von Martens invented the world's first turnable 150 degree turn. In 1849, David Brust invented the stereoscopic camera and the two lens stereoscopic film mirror. In 1861, physicist Mark Swee invented the first color photograph in the world.

In 1860, the British Sutton designed a original single lens reflex camera with a revolving mirror viewfinder; in 1862, French de tribe folded two cameras together, a scene, a photograph, the original form of a double lens camera; in 1880, British Beck made a double lens reflex. Camera。

In 1866, German chemist Schott and opiologist invented the barium - coronal optical glass in the Carl Zeiss Company, and produced the lens of positive light, which made the design and manufacture of the photographic lens developed rapidly.

With the development of photoreceptor materials, in 1871, there was a dry plate coated with silver bromide photosensitive materials. In 1884, a film with nitric acid fiber (Sai Luluo) was used as a base film. In 1888, Kodak made a new type of photosensitive material, soft and winding film. This is a leap in the photoreceptor. In the same year, Kodak invented the first portable box camera installed in the world.

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