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Mobile phone type definition refers to the external type mobile phone, more commonly used classification is the mobile phone into a bar type, folding (single screen, double screen), sliding, rotating, such as sideslip categories.


To turn on the lid, you can see the main screen or button, and only one screen. This kind of mobile phone is called a single screen flip phone. The market has also launched a double screen flip phone, that is, on the flip side, there is another display screen. This screen is not usually large. It usually displays the functions of time, signal, battery, caller number and so on.

Candy bar

A direct cell phone means that the screen and keys are in the same plane, and the cell phone is not clamshell. That's what we often call a direct cell phone. The characteristic of vertical mobile phone is that it can directly see the content displayed on the screen.

Slippery cover

Mobile phone is mainly refers to the mobile phone to pull through to see all the fuselage. Some models can only see buttons by sliding the lower cover, while others can see the keyboard through the pull up screen. To some extent, the sliding phone is an extension and innovation of flip phone.


Wristwatch mobile phone, early many simple small functions, but the development to the smartphone stage, watch style mobile phone functions more complete, such as Samsung's Galaxy Gear V700. The earliest home - made mobile wristwatch is YAMi.

Rotary type

Similar to sliding cover, the most important thing is to see the keyboard after 180 degree rotation.


It is a slip type variant that operates on the screen by exposing the keyboard to the left or to the right. For large screen touch operation smart machines, sideslip greatly speeds up the speed of typing, enhances and optimizes the experience of playing games, making this kind of smart phone more popular. For example, NOKIA N97 and Motorola Milestone.

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