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Not to be sick of its work. " The extension is not public.

The main meaning of the word "private" is personal, personal, secret, and not public. It can be seen that privacy refers to individuals' private affairs or secrets which do not want to be disclosed. Hung Shen, the fan of the little grandma, the third act: "until one day, you really do something bad..." I was afraid of fear and fear of privacy. Zhou Fu, the morning of Shanghai, third part six: "now Guo Peng.

Mentioning, it seems to expose privacy to someone, afraid that someone will say it out of favor. "

In English, the word "privacy" is "privacy". Its meaning is solitude and secrecy, which is basically the same as Chinese. But it seems that the word "privacy" in Chinese emphasizes the subjective color of privacy, and the word "privacy" in English pays more attention to the objectivity of privacy, which reflects the difference between the perceptual Oriental civilization and the rational Western civilization.

In the jurisprudential sense, privacy should be defined in this way: what has happened is in accordance with moral norms and legitimate and not or unwilling to show personnel or things, emotional activities, and so on.

Word history editor

The word "privacy" first appeared in the first year of the Zhou Dynasty in China, but at that time, its meaning and modernity were somewhat different. "Privacy" was at that time meaning clothes, that is something hidden in the private place. In the ancient Chinese thought of species evolution, is there "privacy" the most obvious difference between civilized man and barbarian, and King Kong and other wild animals?

1, the main body of privacy is the natural person. Privacy originates from people's sense of shame, so only natural talent can become the subject of privacy. The secret of business units such as enterprise legal person and other illegal person organization belongs to business secret. It is only related to commercial reputation and economic benefit, and it has nothing to do with the sense of shame. Therefore, the enterprise unit can not constitute the subject of privacy. The secret of state organs, such as the secret of trial, is the performance of the operation of public power. The disclosure of this secret will damage the normal operation of the organ system, and it has nothing to do with the sense of shame, so the state organs can not become the subject of privacy.

2, the object of privacy is natural person's personal affairs, personal information and personal domain. Personal affairs are relative to public affairs

In terms of business, group affairs and unit affairs, it is a specific and tangible form of external privacy and the subject of a specific individual, such as friends, husband and wife, and sexual behavior outside marriage. Personal information refers to the information, data and data that a particular person does not want to disclose. It is abstract and invisible privacy. The personal domain refers to the private scope of the individual, such as the hidden parts of the body, the content of the diary, the secret of communication and so on, and the object of privacy is the specific expression of "private" in the privacy.

3, the content of privacy, that is, the objective aspect, refers to the fact or behavior of a specific person who is secretive about his affairs, information or fields, unwilling to seek or interfere with others. The content of privacy is that the subjective will of the privacy subject acts on the object and the objective world, that is, the process and the result of the unification of the subjective and objective factors, that is, the expression of "hidden" in the privacy.

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