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The word "information" is "information" in English, French, German and Spanish. In Japanese, "information" is "information", and Taiwan is called "information" in our country. In ancient China, it was used as "news". As a scientific term, it first appeared in the information transmission written by R.V.Hartley in 1928. In 1940s, the founder of the information, Shannon (C.E.Shannon), gave a clear definition of information. Since then, many researchers have given different definitions from their respective fields of research. The representation of the representative is as follows:

Information founder Shannon (Shannon) believes that "information is something to eliminate random uncertainty". This definition is regarded as a classic definition and cites.

Weiner (Norbert Wiener), the founder of cybernetics, believes that "information is the content and name that people exchange with the outside world in the process of adapting to the external world and in the process of counteracting the external world," and it is also cited as a classic definition.

Economic management scientists believe that information is the effective data for decision making.

Scientific terminology

The famous American physical chemist, Gibbs (Josiah Willard Gibbs), created a vector analysis and introduced it into mathematical physics to find a new angle for the study of the uncertainty and contingency of events so that human beings are in the Department.


Information (5)

Learning to grasp the meaning of information has taken the first step. He thinks entropy is a measure of insufficient information in the physical system.

Electronic scientists and computer scientists believe that information is the signal transmitted in electronic circuits.

Professor Zhong Yixin, a famous informatics expert in our country, thinks that "information is the way of existence or the state of motion, which is expressed directly or indirectly in this way or state."

Horton (F.W.Horton), the US information management expert, defines the information as "information is processed data to meet the needs of a user's decision." Simply speaking, information is processed data, or information is the result of data processing.

According to the research results of information. The scientific concept of information can be summarized as follows:

Information is the reflection of the movement state and change of all kinds of things in the objective world. It is the representation of the interrelation and interaction between objective things, showing the physical content of the state of movement and the change of the objective things.

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