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Charging treasure is actually portable and portable power. It is a portable device that integrates power storage, boosting and charging management.

The charging plug can charge the mobile device directly through the AC power supply and have its own storage device, which is equivalent to a charger and a standby battery. Compared to the standby power supply, it can simplify a charging plug. Compared to the charger, it has its own storage device and can not be used. Provide backup power for digital products with direct power supply or outgoing.

According to the classification of the electric core

The ordinary 18650 lithium core and the advanced lithium polymer core are used in the market. The advanced lithium polymer core has better safety than the 18650 lithium core. In the case of economic permissible, it is recommended to choose premium charge for advanced lithium polymer batteries.

The advantage of ordinary lithium battery batteries is that because the development time is relatively long, the battery price is very low. Disadvantages: Waste refurbishment batteries are more, because of technical reasons, the problem rate and fail rate is high. Large system, heavy weight, short service life and possible explosion, this is a very fatal drawback. Mainstream mobile power sources are phasing out this kind of core. In the future, this ordinary lithium battery will gradually withdraw from the stage of history.

Classified according to charge mode

1, linear rechargeable treasure: the use of pure resistance current limiting depressurization or charge management chip depressurization, the input 5V voltage directly to the voltage required by the battery, the middle through a transistor amplifier or the comparator inside the chip to enlarge the current limit. Have open

The success rate of a short period of time is quite high.

Shortcomings 1): this line is through the linear constant voltage constant current to consume excess energy to achieve the purpose of reducing the pressure, the temperature is very high and the charging current can not be large, because the larger the charge current, so the energy consumption will become larger and the same heat dissipation area should be increased.

Defect 2): the charging battery of this line is easy to polarize, the larger the charging current is, the larger the polarization area will be, the lower the capacity will become, the longer the time the battery will become less capacity. The best way to reduce polarization is to use the battery and recharge the battery, reducing the number of batteries is equal to prolonging the life of the battery (polarization means the formation of oxide accumulation hinders the electronic movement). Linear charging usually has a constant current constant pressure trickle process.

2, pulse charging treasure: the CMOS electronic switch is used to control the time and frequency of the switch, and the constant current charging is also called PWM control charging. The intermediate control process needs the CPU port to check the data at the control place to calculate the width or frequency of the PWM to complete the charging process. The disadvantage is that the circuit technology is quite complex. Pulse charging treasure usually has four stages: slow charging constant current fast charging constant current fast charging constant pressure trickle repair.

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