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Secret research and development

In 2004, Apple Corp summoned more than 1000 internal staff to develop iPhone team and began to be arrested.

Classified as a highly confidential project, it is called "Project Purple", including the iPhone's behind the scenes designer, Jonathan Ive. At that time, Steve Jobs, chief executive of Apple Corp, deviated from the original iPad tablet computer to mobile phone. The Apple Corp's secret cooperation with AT&T created some hardware and software devices - the Cingular wireless network - AT&T, which gave Apple Corp investment and great freedom, and spent about $$1.5 billion in 30 months. In exchange, Apple Corp guarantees that iPhone will be sold exclusively to AT&T in the United States within 4 years.

Apple started a development plan for iPhone with "Purple 2", when Nintendo's NDS began to go around the world, and iPhone, such as multi touch, was obviously influenced by the design elements.

IPhone in the first generation

In January 9, 2007, Jobs launched the first generation of iPhone at the Apple Corp global software developers Annual Conference 2007 in San Francisco. The two original models were the 8GB version of $499's 4GB and $599, which was officially sold in the United States at 6 p.m. local time in June 29, 2007, and hundreds of Apple fans outside the Apple Corp sales store in the United States were queuing early to buy. As the iPhone launched just after the launch of the boom and sales enthusiasm, some media praised it as "God mobile phone". The first generation of iPhone was sold in the UK, France and Germany in November 2007, while Ireland and Austria sold in the spring of 2008.

Apple first entered the mobile phone market in 2005, when apple and Motorola launched a iTunes phone called Motorola Rockr. Although theoretically, the device integrates mobile and music, in fact, it has not aroused much interest from consumers.

The first generation of iPhone phones are equipped with 2 million pixel rear cameras, but they do not support 3G networks. They also do not support copy and paste, and other important functions. And the battery that can not be dismantled also caused market controversy. [3]

IPhone 2G

First generation iPhone (iPhone2G)

First generation iPhone (iPhone2G) (2)

At 18:00 on June 29, 2007, iPhone2G was listed in the United States and sold at the 4GB price (according to the countries and regions, it was necessary to sign a one to two or two years' cost contract with the operator to buy iPhone, also consider it for $499, and 8GB for $599. "

Apple announced a price cut in September 5, 2007. Apple Corp's us online store 4GB version was shut down and 8GB sold for $399. In September 6, 2007, Jobs posted an open letter to all iPhone users on the company's website, apologized for the price reduction, and promised to compensate the old users (a product offer of $100).

In February 4, 2008, Apple Corp launched the 16GB version of iPhone2G for $199.

IPhone 3G

IPhone 3G was officially sold in July 11, 2008.



The mobile phone has not changed much of the iPhone in appearance, but it supports the 3G network, the mobile data transmission is faster, and the phone has a lot of good features, such as GPS. Apple also launched its mobile app store, App Store, which initially had about 500 app stores, which had more than 1 million.

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